Why "42 Quirks", you ask?

Well, it is a long story which begins with a simple question...

Who am I?

I started blogging in the early 2000s. Back then, I used to write short-stories under a (rather cringeworthy) pseudonym. Eventually, I tried my hand at writing some non-fiction stuff as well - web 2.0, was all the rage, back then. So, I penned a few thoughts at Corporate Spices - this was the first time I felt comfortable sharing my writing under my own name. Then, came the social networks. It began with MySpace, then Orkut, then Facebook, Twitter, and finally LinkedIn. As my scattered existence increased, so did the necessity for collecting and collating all these identities in one place. And thus, 42 Quirks was born...

Erm, why '42 Quirks'?

According to "The Hitch-hikers' guide to the Galaxy," written by Douglas N. Adams, the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything is 42.

Until recently, I was working as a Radio Jockey with 93.5 Red FM, Pune. I'm currently on a sabbatical but if you think you can tempt me back, hit me up on my twitter, will you?

Occasionally, I also try slapping bits of code together and, sometimes they stick. Python is my preferred language of choice, and I haven't really found enough reason and/or motivation for learning anything else. Here're some of my most recent 'achievements': HashPix, @updt_me, and d.ustb.in.

Fine. What else?:

Music. Reading. Writing. Films. The Internet.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg!