I started making "The Covid H________ Project" podcast during the COVID-19 pandemic as a self-imposed exercise to keep my audio skills sharp. One of the segments on that podcast was later spun off into a 12-episode audio-series for Audible.

The Covid H________ Project

The Covid H________ Project (a.k.a. TCHP) started out - like many others of its ilk - as a personal project during the COVID-19 pandemic. After a few episodes of trial and error, it pivoted into a weekly podcast featuring short conversations with different experts. To be completely honest, there wasn't much you could call 'ambitious' about the podcast - it was just meant as a means for me to keep my audio instinct sharp.

Mano Gyanic

While making episodes for TCHP, I felt I could build further upon the #BSDetector segment on "The Covid H_________ Project" and create a more fleshed-out version that would explain the various mental health issues to lay audiences in as simple a language as possible. I pitched the idea to Audiomatic and it came to fruition as an Audible series titled "Mano Gyanic in April 2021.