I've been writing stuff on my blog since 2000. I've also contributed several written pieces elsewhere on the web and offline.

"Our Career Diaries" compiled by Manoj & Archana Joshi (Bookganga)

Way back, after I had established myself as a fairly popular radio personality in my city, I was contacted by Manoj Joshi. He was looking to compile a book containing 'in-the trenches' accounts from people in 'offbeat' professions, such as the one I was in. He asked if I was interested in contributing a chapter and I simply jumped at the chance!

The "Legends Of India" Project

The Legends of India project is the brainchild of Kedar Nimkar and Lokesh Karekar that aims to inspire people globally and make every Indian proud of their rich and diverse heritage. I was roped in by Kedar to create content for the various elements of the project and, I must say, the whole experience ended up being rather educational as well as fulfilling.